Knitting Abbreviations

Instructional Videos

The above Abbreviations link will also take you to many instructional videos on "how to" perform the stitches in the abbreviation. This link will take you to videos for other helpful knitting techniques

On this page you will find the links to helpful knitting information. Please click the links below to take you to the area of interest you may have.

How to join your knitting when knitting in the round.

How to change colors while knitting.

The video demonstrates how to make a slip knot. Use whatever slip know you are familiar with as it isnt important how it is made.

Long tail cast on for knitters.

Kitchner Stitch.

How to carry yarn up the side of your work while doing color work.

Joining yarn. Though I do not recommend and prefer not to Knot…there are those that insist on doing so, for those people, here are a couple techniques that are used:

Technique #1

Technique #2

Joining yarn without a knot. Though this technique is called spit splicing. I I prefer to just lick the palm of my hands and then felting the wool together rather then “spitting” on the yarn or putting it in your mouth. The choice is yours and doesn’t affect the result. You can just use warm water and a little soap as well. This mthos will only work on wool or wool blends. The more wool in the blend, the more likely the technique will work.

Spit Splicing

Joing yarn using the Invisible braid method.